Philip R Luoma Anderson



You might think of pinhole photography as an exercise for an introductory photography course, and it often is. I was first introduced to pinhole photography when I happened to have a booth next to Tom Miller at the art fair Art-A-Whirl in Minneapolis. I found Tom's work to be very alluring and beautiful. The thought of making a photograph with a camera that had a small pinhole for a lens and no mechanism for focus or aperature was perplexing, and maybe scary to not have those controls. I tried for years to make a decent pinhole photograph after seeing Tom's work. It is still difficult to make a good image, but now it is also liberating to not have all the controls available.


Minneapolis Institute of Art

Kaisa at Peace Tree Cafe in Utah

Coon Rapids Dam

Mississippi River Dam in Coon Rapids


Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum in Duluth

Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum in Duluth, MN


Grease Only

Grease Only


Private Property

Private Property