Philip R Luoma Anderson


curriculum vitae

Philip & Kaisa


I am a language specialist and live in Minnesota. From my earliest age, I have had an interest in languages and cultures. My interest may derive from my paternal grandparents who spoke both Finnish and English and my maternal grandfather who spoke Swedish when he was young. That interest was bolstered by a wonderful exchange program in my rural high school which brought students from Costa Rica, Sweden, Canada, and Japan to our school during my senior year. My interest led me to work and save to pay my way through my post-secondary education and study abroad programs.

My interest in art also came early, but it was something that took years to manifest. My maternal grandfather took many Polaroid photographs of us his family and his every-day life. I remember looking with great interest at those images that he had tacked on cork boards. Looking back, I see that the subjects of his photographs really told about my grandfather's interests and what was important to him.

I later pursued photography as a parallel career to teaching. I did commercial sports portraits and commercial studio photography for national retailers and global automobile manufacturers, as well as assisting. Eventually, I did wedding photography and other commercial work on my own. It was all fun, but the stress and time involved in pursuing two careers and having a family became more than I wanted. At that point, I decided to pursue my own projects to fill me up with energy and as a catharsis to life's many highs and lows.